Model produced by: Paul’s Model Art (Minichamps)

Year: 2011
Driver: Sebastian Vettel (Germany)
Team: Red Bull Racing Renault
Car: Red Bull RB7 (Kinky Kylie)*
Results: 11 wins, 17 podiums, 15 poles, 3 fastest laps

2011 season saw the reintroduction of KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) which recovers moving vehicle’s kinetic energy under braking and allows the driver to use it under acceleration, and introduction of DRS (Drag Reduction System), which allows the driver to open an adjustable flap on the rear wing of the car (which when closed creates more downforce for greater cornering) to reduce downforce, thus giving a pursuing car more speed and a greater chance of overtaking a car in front.

And although Red Bull started the season without KERS, Sebastian Vettel dominated the early part of the season with 5 wins out of first 6 races. In the middle of the season Ferrari and especially McLaren closed the gap to Red Bull and even had the best car in some races, but Sebastian Vettel usually still managed to win races in the same manner: get pole position with a perfect lap on saturday and control the sunday race from start to finish. Sebastian Vettel won his second consecutive championship with 4 races to go, and finish the season with the record high 15 pole positions. He also became the youngest ever double world champion with 24 years and 98 days, while Red Bull Racing won the second constructors’ world championship.

Vettel took 11 wins plus 6 additional podiums (out of 19 races), Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton won 3 races each for McLaren, Fernando Alonso won 1 for Ferrari and Mark Webber won 1 in the other Red Bull car.

See FIA’s season review

*Named by Vettel


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