Model produced by: Paul’s Model Art (Minichamps)

Year: 1987
Driver: Nelson Piquet (Brazil)
Team: Williams Honda
Car: Williams FW11B
Results: 3 wins, 11 podiums, 4 poles, 4 fastest laps

This season would be dominated by Williams drivers (Piquet and Mansell) with 9 victories and not scoring points in only three races. Piquet won 3 races plus 8 more podiums, while Mansell won 6 races but didn’t score in 7 races. Senna was 3rd with 2 wins while Prost was 4th with 3 wins.

The turbo pressure was limited to 4 bar, with all 1.500 cm3 engines equiped with a pop-off valve, also the aspirated engines were allowed again, but with 3.500 cm3. But the great novelty would be introduced by Lotus: active suspension used during all the season. Williams also will launch their own, but only Piquet were capable to manage with it.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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