Model produced by: Paul’s Model Art (Minichamps)

Year: 1986
Driver: Alain Prost (France)
Team: McLaren TAG
McLaren: McLaren MP4/2C
Results: 4 wins, 11 podiums, 1 pole, 2 fastest laps

The season culminated in a points battle between the Williams duo of Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell versus McLaren’s Alain Prost at the final race, the 1986 Australian Grand Prix. Mansell’s tyre blew in spectacular fashion and Piquet, in the lead at the time of the incident, was brought in for an unscheduled pit stop soon afterward by Williams to prevent the same happening to his tyres. This enabled Prost to secure his second consecutive drivers championship, but Williams took the constructors’ title.

For the first (and to date only) year, turbocharged engines were compulsory due to a ban on naturally aspirated (atmospheric) engines. The law banning atmospheric engines was rescinded in 1987, in preparation for a ban on all forced induction engines for 1989.

Gerhard Berger said: “Forget everything after. The 1986 turbo Formula One cars… really were rockets. And to handle them, I think, you had to be a man.”

(Source: Wikipedia)


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