Model produced by: Paul’s Model Art (Minichamps)

Year: 1977
Driver: Jody Scheckter (South Africa)
Team: Walter Wolf Racing

In 1975, businessman named Walter Wolf had started to appear at many of the F1 races during the season. A year later, he bought 60% of Frank Williams Racing Cars while agreeing to keep Frank Williams as manager of the team. Simultaneously Wolf bought the assets of the Hesketh team that had recently withdrawn from F1. The team was based in the Williams facility at Reading but used most of the cars and equipment once owned by Hesketh Racing. The Hesketh 308C became known as the Wolf-Williams FW05 and soon afterwards Dr. Harvey Postlethwaite arrived as chief engineer. The team, however, was not very competitive and failed to qualify at a number of races during the year.

At the end of 1976, Wolf decided that the team needed restructuring. He removed Frank Williams from the manager’s job and replaced him with Peter Warr from Team Lotus. Disillusioned, Williams soon left the team, taking Patrick Head and several others to set up Williams Grand Prix Engineering. Postlethwaite’s WR1 was a conventional Cosworth package but with Jody Scheckter hired from Tyrrell, the new-look team presented a strong package.

No one, however, expected that the team would win its first race in Argentina. It was in many respects a lucky win, with Scheckter starting tenth with six of the cars ahead of him retiring. During the 1977 season, Scheckter went on to win the Monaco Grand Prix and the Canadian Grand Prix and also six other podium finishes which enabled him to finish second to Niki Lauda in the World Championship and gave Wolf fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship.

(Source: Wikipedia)


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