Model produced by: Mattel (Hot Wheels Elite)

Year: 1958
Driver: Mike Hawthorn (Great Britain)
Team: Scuderia Ferrari
Car: Ferrari Dino 246
Results: 1 win, 7 podiums, 4 poles, 5 fastest laps

Minimum race lenghts were reduced to 3oo km or 2 hours and use of commercial fuel became compulsory. Cooper-Climaxes shocked the scene, winning two early season races with a rear-engined cars. Despite Stirling Moss winning 4 races in Vanwall, Mike Hawthorn (Ferrari) won the driver’s title with only one win, but with more consistancy, reliability and points for fastest laps. Vanwall won the constructors championship, which was awarded for the very first time. Hawthorn retired after the season, but died a couple of months later in a road accident. The 1958 season also saw the first woman to drive a F1 event – it was Maria Teresa de Filippis.

See the season review (Audio in Russian, unfortunately …)

Or see a short clip from Silverstone 1958


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