Model produced by: N/A

Year: 1957
Driver: Juan Manuel Fangio (Argentina)
Team: Maserati
Car: Maserati 250F
Results: 4 wins, 6 podiums, 4 poles, 2 fastest laps

Juan Manuel Fangio went from Ferrari to Maserati, and Stirling Moss moved from Maserati to Vanwall. They won all European races bewtween them, with Fangio taking 4 and Moss 3. Fangio showed all his talent in a classic race at Nurburgring, where a pit stop put him nearly a minute behind, but he managed to catch Collins and  Hawthorn, overtaking both on the penultimate lap of the race. The great Fangio retired at the end of the season, taking his 5th title, a record which stayed unbeaten for nearly 50  years.

See the review of the Nuerburgring 1957

Or see the portrait of the great Juan Manuel Fangio by Murray Walker


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