Model produced by: Spark

Year: 1954
Driver: Juan Manuel Fangio (Argentina)
Team: Mercedes-Benz
Car: Mercedes W196
Results: 6 wins, 7 podiums, 5 poles, 3 fastest laps

Formula changed to 2.5 litre unsupercharged engines. Alberto Ascari left Ferrari for newly formed Lancia team, but their D50 car was not ready until the final race, so he was unable to defend the title. Championship was dominated by Juan Manuel Fangio who drove, and won races, for both Maserati and Mercedes over the course of the season. After winning 2 races with Maserati, Fangio joined Mercedes, who re-entered racing for the first time after the World War II in a dominating  style with a W196 “streamliner”. Streamline body turned up to be unsuitable for some tracks, so Mercedes also produced more conventional body (see year 1955 in my collection). Fangio won 6 out of 9 races that year, 2 with Maserati and 4 with Mercedes.

See the season review


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